Summary: A bipolar marriage can bring complex challenges and difficulties in the life of a couple. At times, it may become impossible to cope up with the unpredictable mood swings of the bipolar spouse. Here are few techniques which can help you to deal with a bipolar wife and her disorder.

A marriage itself is a complicated relationship. It requires a great deal of understanding, patience and maturity from both the partners. In a bipolar relationship, the roles of both the partners become altogether more important to make the marriage work. In fact, it would be not be right to expect much from a bipolar spouse since s/he is the one who is actually suffering from frequent mood swings and may not know how s/he is behaving under such circumstances. Hence it is the primary duty of other spouse to take control of the situation and help each other survive this unfortunate illness.

If you are the husband who wants to understand how to cope up with a bipolar wife, then you must first know what bipolar disorder actually is. Bipolar disorder is a kind of mental illness where an individual suffers from extreme mood swings, which are very unpredictable. A bipolar person gets into severe depression and may behave erratically or become manic. It is usually difficult to judge when this person will come out of his or her mood swing. In fact, the bipolar person would not know that this behavior is affecting his or her family deeply.

Techniques to deal with a bipolar wife

Since a bipolar individual loses all sense of logic during mood swings, it is entirely up to the other spouse to manage the situation maturely without losing self-control. It has been seen that usually a bipolar marriage often results in divorce because the other spouse finds it almost impossible to face a bipolar spouse or is not ready to take the responsibility that comes in such a relationship. If your wife is suffering from bipolar disorder and you want to help her, here are few ways you can cope with her mental condition without getting your marriage in trouble:

As soon as you sense that your wife is going through a mood swing bout, the first thing you should do is relax, both mentally and physically. You should understand that your wife is behaving like a mad person because she has a disease. She doesn’t know what she is doing. So instead of blaming her, take a deep breath, cool down and think what next step you should take to pacify your wife. If she has been prescribed any medication, give it to her. This should be able to calm her temporarily, letting you deal with her behavior better.

Most bipolar patients are asked to take regular medications. So make sure that your wife sticks to her dosage as advised by her doctor, even if she refuses to take them. If you are leaving her with other family members, explain about her mental illness to them in detail and how they should react when you are not at home. If possible, you can join various support groups who are in the same situation as you are. These support groups will give you more insight into this illness and you can also learn from the experiences of other people.

When your wife is going through an erratic behavior, try to calm her down instead of getting frustrated or angry with her. You can talk to her about her needs or what she is expecting from you in this situation. This will help you to come up with ideas or plans which can pacify her mood swings. At times, you may find it difficult to talk to her but do not lose hope. Keep talking to her as communication is the only way you can show her how much you love her and that this marriage means everything to you.