There are many issues involved in supporting a bipolar wife. Among them are physical intimacy, fighting, impulsivity, excessive spending, and lying.

Physical intimacy is definitely a big issue when you have a wife with bipolar disorder. There may be problems in this area for several reasons. For example, she may have a decreased sex drive due to her bipolar medications, so she may reject your advances. Even though you may understand this, it may be hard for you to deal with the rejection, and given enough times, you may even want to give up trying altogether.

Another reason that you may have problems in the area of physical intimacy is that your bipolar wife may have gained a lot of weight because of her medications, and you just may not find her attractive any more. This is a very common problem among supporters of a spouse with bipolar disorder. She may not even take care of herself (groom herself) as well as she did, either, and that may be a turn-off for you.

You may not feel close to your bipolar wife any more, and that could be a problem for you. Perhaps when the two of you got married, she didn’t have bipolar disorder, or it hadn’t been diagnosed yet, and you were equal partners in the relationship; however, when she began being ill, you were no longer equal partners, and you began taking on more of a caretaking role.

She may be more dependent on you now, or she may even act more childlike and needy than you would like, and you have problems seeing her as an adult or an equal partner or spouse. This could definitely lead to problems in the area of physical intimacy.

Your bipolar wife may fight with you a lot, because of these issues or others. It may be over something you did or didn’t do, or it may even be over seemingly nothing (that you can tell). She may just fly off the handle for no good reason. It could be because of her increased irritability and agitation from her bipolar disorder.

At any rate, you may have more fights than is usual for a married couple. It is best for you not to engage her at these times, as it will just make it worse for you. Just don’t fight back. You won’t win, anyway.

Your bipolar wife will exhibit impulsive behavior when she is in a bipolar episode, such as risky sexual behavior, risky driving, excessive spending, compulsive gambling, and even substance abuse.

She will make bad decisions for which she will have no thought to the consequences, and may even get in trouble with the law.

Excessive spending is a big problem during a manic episode. This can lead to massive credit card debt, foolish business ventures, and even bankruptcy. The best thing you can do when you suspect that your bipolar wife is in a manic episode is to take away her charge cards and ATM cards, and to make sure that she does not have access to very much cash.

Your bipolar wife may say or do things when in an episode that she may not remember saying or doing when she comes out of the episode, or she may remember them differently than you do. You may think she is lying, but it is just the bipolar disorder.

On the other hand, she may be lying to stay out of trouble. Say, for example, if she had an affair when she was in the manic episode.

It takes a great deal of understanding to cope and deal with a bipolar wife.