At first glance at the title of this article, many of you probably thought I was crazy to think that there is anything good about bipolar disorder at all!  However, if you look at it in a positive light, there are some things that are good about the disorder.


For one thing, although there is no cure for bipolar disorder, at least there is treatment for it.  And there is management of the disorder.  With good management, stability will come, and recovery is possible. 


Recovery means absence of symptoms, and less (or no) bipolar episodes.  Given enough time and treatment, and good management of your disorder, recovery is a possibility for you.  You should be optimistic about this, and work toward it.


Although the statistics about suicide are frightening, they are only applicable in untreated or unmedicated cases of bipolar disorder.  As long as you take your bipolar medications faithfully, you should be in no fear of suicidal thoughts or actions.  Therefore, another good thing about bipolar disorder for you is that it is not fatal, like cancer is.


Another good thing about bipolar disorder for you is that it makes you stronger.  By fighting the adversity that inevitably comes with fighting a lifetime illness, you get stronger with each achievement and with each conflict that you are able to overcome – and with bipolar disorder, there are many that come along.


If you are able to be productive, in spite of the fact that you have bipolar disorder, such as working a part time job or volunteering for a worthwhile cause, or at a position that takes advantage of your gifts and talents, then you should feel grateful.  This is another good thing about bipolar disorder for you – that you are not idle – for too many people with the disorder remain idle, and idleness can lead to depression, depression to a bipolar depressive episode, and an episode to instability.  By your productivity, you are remaining stable, and this is a good thing for you.


If you are remaining stable, you are growing, and this is another good thing.  Just think how far you've come from when you used to have episodes all the time!  Think how much closer you are to your supporter.  Think how much more independent you are now, how many more things you are able to do for yourself.  Think how much you've grown physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – how much more balanced you are now.


All these things I've pointed out are things for you to look at that show you that, although bipolar disorder is a difficult disorder with which to live, it isn't all bad – in fact, some of it is good for you.