Visiting your past is all right if you have bipolar disorder, but staying there too long can be dangerous for you.  It's better for you to be looking toward the future.


If you spend too much time in your past, it can cause you to have negative feelings, or even to re-experience past negative events, causing you to get depressed, or even to trigger you into a bipolar depressive episode.


Sometimes it is necessary to visit your past to retrieve a memory or other information, and that's all right, as long as you don't spend too much time there, or you aren't drawn too far back into your past.


Sometimes your past can even be beneficial to you.  For example, you can use past bipolar episode events to help you predict future episode triggers.  By examining what triggered your past episodes, you may be able to determine what might set off future episodes, so that you can avoid them.


Because you have bipolar disorder, your thoughts have a greater effect on your feelings and behavior, so you want to try to keep your thoughts positive.


Following that reasoning, negative thoughts can lead to depression, and depression to a bipolar depressive episode; whereas, positive thoughts can help you to stay optimistic and avoid such episodes.


That's where looking toward the future can help you as well.


Dwelling on the past can be depressing, but looking toward your future can encourage you, especially if your thoughts are positive.


If you keep your thoughts filled with optimism toward recovery from bipolar disorder, for example, you will believe that you are going to have a good future.


It is this type of thinking toward which you should be striving, as this is healthy thinking for someone with bipolar disorder.  It will help you to be more emotionally well-balanced, and make you feel better as well.


The more positive a person you are, the more other people will want to be around you, and the better your relationships with other people will be.  This is another advantage of looking toward the future in an optimistic way.  If you are believing for your own recovery, it will make it that much easier for others to believe for your recovery, too.