If you are considering applying for a credit card for the very first time, you should read and take time to avoid common credit card mistakes. You want to keep your money and your credit in good standing. Credit cards can be a tool or a disaster ready to dump havoc on your financial life. There are many people who don’t figure this out. People around the world make all sorts of bad mistakes with their credit cards, day in and day out. Most younger generation commit a lot of credit card mistakes because they don't just use their . credit card for emergencies or when they're out of cash. Credit cards cost a lot of money for several years due to high interest rates and membership fees. Always try to get a low credit line to begin with, which has low interest rates. Late payments are an unwise decision for a lot of reasons: it adds fees on the balance, which can generate a negative rating and you will never know exactly what the balance is on your credit statement. It’s always advisable to pay on time or a week in advance of the due date because once you have paid late, be ready for the consequences. You’ll see that you’ll be paying high interest rates in the future. Automatic payments drawn from your bank account is the best method to pay debts. The payment will be taken care of on a scheduled date and you will not have to worry about late fees, but always make sure you have enough balance in your bank account to pay for your credit card debt. Credit card companies are not concerned as to what date the payment was mailed, only the day it was posted to your account. Your whole credit purpose should always be positive and have it as a useful tool ready to work in your favor; and get lower interest rates on higher lines of credit without late payments. Beware of Rewards – these too good to be true offers. Never put rewards into consideration when choosing your credit card. Take note that these rewards add to your card and high interest rates and that’s what you need to watch out for when getting a credit card. Also beware of full year membership fees as it may be a lot more than the rewards. Always remember that nothing is free. No credit card company is going to give away something for nothing. They are in the business to make money. Also take note not to max out your credit cards as they have a limit and credit card companies bank on you maxing out your credits. Why do you think this is the case? It’s because they get more through higher interest rates that way. These are the most common mistakes every credit card holder commits. So for first time card holders, be aware of what can happen if you do not watch what you are doing.