Debt in any form causes strain on an individual. If the amount is significant then the worry of how to manage such a financial debt will create not only financial strain but will also cause physical strain. This could trigger further medical complications that will mean more medical bills and could reach a stage that it could snow ball into medical debt. Medical debt is the unpaid medical bills to the consultant or physician or the hospital. As most medical insurance does not cover all of the medical conditions, one will have to bear additional costs and when these bills will pile up one is in medical debt. It is an irony that the US is the only developed country that does not have a universal health care program.

In fact statistics of the previous few years have shown that most American citizens will go bankrupt due to medical debt. In most other countries, the individuals are able to bridge the gap between the health coverage and the charges by seeking financial aid from the state or other grants from institutions or non-governmental Organizations.A survey over the last few years has shown that over seventy million Americans find it very difficult to bear the costs of the medical treatment and are in medical debt. The medical debts arise from the inability to pay for the necessary medications, or invasive procedures. Roughly about fifty million people do not have health coverage although statistics speak of almost sixty percent of the Americans hold a medical insurance. Despite the insurance more than one-eighth were found to have a medical debt.

The most negative impact of a medical debt is that around sixty percent of the adults facing medical debt would rather forgo medical treatment than add to the debt.So it becomes essential that we learn to manage medical debt.

The first thing a person already in deep medical debt should not do is to fret and fear bankruptcy. There are several easier and simpler options, which with a little bit of patience bail you out of the medical debt. There is no magic wand available yet to wish away all the medical debt.

The second step is to take the bull by the horns and take a proactive stance on clearing your medical debt. Take one small step at a time. Strategize and arrive at a workable plan to pay out the debt in consistent installments.The idea is to gain maximum good credit mileage for this it will mean a bit of financial jugglery as you could prioritize and move the most immediate payments first or at least pay some part of the money so that there is no default cause imposed.

The third step could be to hire online service providers who will on your behalf go through your medical bills in detail to pick on any errors; secondly you could negotiate and bargain for lowering the bill amount. Another very important decision in the face of bankruptcy is the medical debt consolidation through which you could repay all your debts in small manageable amounts but for longer periods of time.