No one likes to get calls from debt collectors. They can be very annoying and irritating. And sometimes, you may have even made your payments and still they call you to remind you of the debt. Also, sometimes the debt may not even be yours. Is there a way to stop debt collection calls? Well, yes, there are ways in which you can stop debt collection calls.

There are rules as to when the debt collector can call and when they cannot call you. For starters, any debt collection agency does not have the right to call you when you don’t owe the debt. When they call you stating that you owe them a particular debt, you have the right to request them to verify if the debt is indeed yours, and if they cannot prove that the debt is yours, they have to stop debt collection calls.

Also, debt collectors should not contact you at odd times like early in the morning or late in the evenings. They must adhere to these rules else they will be violating them and legal action can be taken against them. Also, they cannot keep calling repeatedly and at times that you have already stated as inconvenient for you. There is no law out there that states that you should definitely talk to the debt collector over the phone when they call. You could even hang up on them and they can do nothing about it. If they continue to call you repeatedly after you hang up, they will be in violation of the law.

All that may be required for you to stop debt collection calls is to tell them what times you would prefer them to call or what other methods of communication you would prefer. You could tell them that you prefer written communication to communication over the phone. Of course, the debt collector may not honour the request to contact you only by mail. The best way to stop debt collection calls is by sending them a cease and desist letter. This applies only to the debt collecting agency and not the original creditor.

Many individuals are failing to pay the debts because of the failing economy and layoffs and too much debt.

There are a few things that debt collection agencies are not supposed to do or cannot do: these are: they cannot lie to you or insult you and use racial insults or threaten you with violence; they are not allowed to call you at times that are inconvenient for you like early mornings or late evenings; they cannot call you at work if you have already informed them that you cannot take calls at work; they cannot contact your employer about your debt; they cannot tell others about your debt or they cannot give information about your debt to others; they cannot make false statements or threatening statements against you. Be aware of all these things and stop debt collection calls!