Almost everyone is in debt these days and some companies and debt collection agencies use this to their advantage and harass the debtors. There are many unlawful debt collection practices that go unnoticed by many people. The law protects people from these unlawful debt collection practices and improperly filed suits.

Debt collection defense consists of using both the federal and state laws to defend the debtors against unlawful debt collection practices or improperly filed suits. Many of these debt collectors harass the debtor and employ the use of force or aggressive methods to make an individual pay a debt that may not even be his in the first place. There are consumer protection laws that are in place which enable the debtor to recover the damages and or the attorney fees that he may have spent. Why should any individual pay a debt that is not his in the first place? These practices of collecting debts are wrong and unlawful. There are fines that the debt collection agency will have to pay if they pursue wrong methods for recovering the debt. This fine can be up to $1,000. When the debt collection agencies use lies and illegal methods, they will not be able to get away from the law if they are notified.

Sometimes, a suit is filed by a person or a party who does not have any interest in the case, he may be a third party, or he may not even be able to prove that the debt is his. Unfortunately for many individuals, they are unable to differentiate between a fraud and a real debt collection agency. They think that they may owe the money and panic and are in turn harassed by the collection agency. They may not even be aware of debt collection defense. Most of the time, these agencies can be beaten, either reducing the debt or even by eliminating it altogether. By making use of good attorneys, you may be able to stop most of these debt collection agencies and also help save your money.

The most common mistake that debtors make when they are approached by one of these illegal debt collection methods is that they don’t do anything. This makes it very easy for the collector to win (though he should not win). And if the debtor does not react, even debt collection defense may not work. If you are being harassed, make sure that you speak out or get professional help.

Some common examples when you know that you are being harassed are when you do not owe the debt and yet they call you asking you to pay the debt; the debt is too old to be recovered; debt has been discharged in bankruptcy. You may owe only a part of the debt but the collection agency may ask you to pay the entire amount. You may owe the debt but there is no proof to show that you owe the debt.

If you are being harassed by any of these debt collection agencies or if you are a victim, by hiring a good defense lawyer, you can file a debt collection defense suit against them.