The lithium bipolar relationship is very complex and people who have used lithium for the treatment of bipolar disorder often say that this is the best medication for bipolar disorder. The lithium bipolar medication is often prescribed by psychiatrists who also believe in the ability of lithium. This medication can be used to stabilize the moods of the person suffering from bipolar disorder.

Lithium can be used to even regulate the frequency of the mood swings. The mood swings generally tend to be diminished with reduction in the appearance of the symptoms. This medication is better than the other anti-depressants present in the market.

Lithium's impact on mood stabilization was first noticed by John Frederick Joseph Cade, and was made public in September 1949 in the Medicinal academic journal of Australia. He was examining the impact of uric acid on rats. As uric acid is not soluble, Cade selected the most soluble salt, lithium ureate. He observed that this substance had a calming effect on rats. After thoroughly examining it, he observed that lithium had very little effect on patients who were depressed while patients with mania became calmer after this.

Lithium can be used to reduce the symptoms and frequency of the manic states. Stopping the use of lithium bipolar medication should be done only if it is absolutely indicated. Even stopping lithium should not be done suddenly this but must be done gradually over a period of time. Gradual lowering of the dosage of lithium intake is better as these are associated with lower incidence of relapse. The chances of relapse are more severe if lithium bipolar is stopped suddenly. It has been reported that discontinuation of lithium suddenly causes greater risks of suicidal attempts.

Lithium bipolar medication is preferred because of its effectiveness. Many claim that the use of lithium reduces the severity of emotional highs and reduces the levels of agitation. It is said to be ineffective only in situations where the patient does not cooperate completely.

It is also believed that lithium use reduces the chances of suicide by close to 6 times. This is very significant as people suffering from bipolar disorder are very susceptible to commit suicide. This is the reason why lithium is generally administered to people who are suffering from bipolar disorder.