depression. Manic phase has a milder moodwhich is  “hypomania” and the other face of depression is a mixed episode which is characterized by both mania and depression. (High energy levels of the mania and low moods of depression). Normally, the manic and depressive phases are a cycle which has a normal mood in between. When there is just an alternate manic and depressive phase, it is referred to as rapid cycling.

bipolar mood disorder have strong impacts on their lifestyle and health during their manic depressive disorders which lasts for few days to even months. There is a marked change in their mood, energy, activities and behavior. Manic phase is characterized by impulsiveness (as seen in shopping sprees, high investments), extreme positive mood where patients feel invincible, irritability, heightened creativity, less sleep (hardly sleep for 2 hours), racing thoughts, faltered speech (since there is no match between thoughts and speech). In extreme cases, they experience hallucinations and tend to be deluded.

  Today there are research institutes to help them. It needs long term treatment. The condition is a lifelong issue and relapses anytime. The patients need love and care from their near and dear ones. Today, the treatment does not just stop with mood stabilizing drugs, rather they are therapeutically treated. Helping them organize a healthy lifestyle, counseling with the help of psychiatrist, extending support through participating in support groups and forums are positive steps to take to help patients of bipolar mood disorder.

bipolar disorders.