If you feel very disturbed and flabbergasted about your behavior of late, then take a minute and undergo bipolar disorder tests.  What is it about your behavior that is upsetting you?  Are you feeling irritated, restless, unable to sleep, talking too much or very rapid in your speech? Have there been instances where you are upset that somebody did not see your viewpoint? Can you feel yourself being hyperactive and sometimes fatigued? Then probably you need to consult the doctor on your abnormal behavior.


The doctor will generally diagnose people displaying these symptoms as patients of bipolar disorder. But to confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will have to analyze your feedback to his questions and determine the type of bipolar disorder you are suffering from. Generally, the doctor would begin with a physical examination, followed by matching your symptoms against the government authorized DSA and probably suggest further bipolar disorder tests for confirmation.


First, a thorough physical examination should be conducted.  The test will search for any abnormalities in your physiology.  Blood tests, thyroid tests should also be done if he is considering prescribing Lithium. Additionally, urine analysis also needs to be done.  These tests are all interrelated and enables the doctor to systematically rule out that a person’s signs and symptoms are not caused by abnormalities in any of his vital organs.   



If the conclusion of this test is positive, then the physical examination findings will be

used to correlate and rule out instancesof drug saturation or allergic reactions to certain generic medicine. These tests can also establish if self-medication drugs are being taken. These bipolar disorder tests results are now compared with the check-list of the “Symptoms against Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders edition 4. The manual also contains exhaustive lists on the variations that occur in bipolar disorders and help the doctor to determine the type of the disorder.  Besides it will be possible to diagnose mixed state symptoms which are not very common and may cause confusion in correctly diagnosing it. 


These bipolar disorder tests need to be analyzed by a professional to confirm the diagnosis.  The tests may even be taken online in the form of a questionnaire.  The individual needs to reply to these questions honestly and the answers will determine to a large extent whether the person is going through the symptoms of depression or mania. These tests can be used as a litmus test to help and reassure you if you are on the threshold of a bipolar disorder. Consultations with a practitioner would lead you to the proper channels of treatment.