Bipolar disorders are often mental illness which could affect any member of the family at any time.  It is essential that a family is aware of the severity of these problems and is prepared to help them until professionals can begin the bipolar help processes.   


 The first step for caregivers as well as for family is to educate themselves.  Unless the person involved with the patient realizes that the person is experiencing a mental health problem which cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is going to be difficult to relate to the sufferer. So, at the initial signs of the disorder, it is essential that we educate ourselves on bipolar help processes. Most of the national mental health institutions like the National Alliance of Mental Illness have authorized information about bipolar disorders.  Additionally, there are plenty of support groups and bipolar disorder help groups which offer valuable knowledge.


Another method of bipolar help is to know when and what to talk about to the afflicted person.  If the person is already in a depressed mood swing, and as a spouse or a care-giver, if you are also going to argue with whatever the person has to say in his mental condition, the situation is only going to deteriorate and the person can go into further depression.


One other way to handle these outbursts at home is to lay down some guidelines depending on the frequency of occurrence. Most of  the time, the patients are not in a condition to keep count of the number of times these mood swings are occurring and it becomes necessary that the  family is able to monitor the situation and call for professional help whenever the incidence is high or prolonged.  It is also imperative that when we are extending bipolar help, we become conscious of the fact that the patient is afflicted and that he/she would not behave in that manner if he/she were normal. 


The third very important help as a family is to keep a constant vigil on the medication intake.  It is very essential that the medication needs be taken at fixed time periods as suggested by the doctors.  If there is  too much of a variation, the medicines will become ineffective.  This is because the medicines are generally moodstabilizers and the variation in time in taking the drug will cause an imbalance in the electrolytes of the body and would result in a recurrence in the bipolar disorder type.


Bipolar help processes and methods need to be worked upon and perfected, similar to a fire drill because it is necessary that the patient reaches the hospital or the professional help is available at the right time.  Any delays would result in irreparable damage especially in extreme depression outbursts which could even lead to suicide.