It is estimated that close to 5.7 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder. The treatment for this disorder is not easy and its correct diagnosis is even more difficult. One needs to understand that this disorder is treatable and the right treatment can make a world of difference. The right treatment can help the person stabilize his moods and also bring under control certain other phenomena caused by bipolar disorder. There are several people who find themselves struggling with bipolar disorder and there are also several other people who have learned to fight and overcome the problems of bipolar disorder. The bipolar stories and personal experiences of such people can be quite motivating, inspiring and painful.

It takes a lot of courage to narrate personal bipolar stories and it is this kind of courage that is needed to approach a support group. The people who narrate their successful bipolar stories are the ones who have managed to conquer this disorder and have attended bipolar support groups and have taken the necessary steps for treatment. There are certain common features in all the bipolar stories of people who have managed to overcome their problems. Invariably, in such successful bipolar stories, you’ll be able to see that the person did not give up but was proactive and patient with his treatment. It is critical not to give up hope because even though bipolar disorder is recurring and chronic, after fighting tirelessly for long, people have managed to get the better of it.

The other feature common to all bipolar stories is that the disorder was never ignored in the hope that it would subside with time. Several people who don’t take the necessary treatment on time often reach stages where they start considering suicide and other dangerous escapes. Drug usage and alcoholism are also seen in people who do not seek help at the right time. Children and teenagers stand a greater risk as it is falsely believed that bipolar disorder develops only during the later part of adolescence. It is also known that people who have suffered the most and have attempted suicide are the ones who could not get treatment for early-onset bipolar disorder.

Another noteworthy thing in all bipolar stories is that even though bipolar disorder can be quite difficult and challenging to deal with, the right changes in lifestyle and discipline will help one cope with the situation. There are numerous instances where the people suffering from bipolar disorder have said ‘no’ to alcohol, nicotine and even caffeine to help overcome the extremes of moods. Another thing evident in the stories is that the people who managed to overcome this problem are the ones who were able to get support from family and friends.

It is also seen in the bipolar stories that people who managed to get this disorder under control are the ones who managed to get a good self help system in their lives. The role of the psychiatrist can never be overlooked but other things like courage, lifestyle changes, discipline, therapy, support systems and self-help also play an important role.