The second I determine that something does not feel right within, I call my doctor or I just drive straight there to see him.  Of course, if it was worse than that I would just check myself in to the nearest hospital.  I am extremely proactive in my healing.  Even when I was totally lethargic and could barley move at times, God gave me strength and wisdom to make these choices for a healthy life. Sometimes I felt as though I could not crawl to another appointment. I was so discouraged but I found this brilliant hope with God to take another step.


I am blessed today to have a great working relationship with my doctor.  That has definitely not always been the case.  I was miserably afraid of one of my doctors so I prayed about it and kept going until I found the one I have now.  It took many years and I gave up many times. However, I would then quickly ask for God’s help to make it to another day and then another year.  Now I do not have to see my doctor as frequently but I never miss an appointment. If anything suddenly changed, I would show up in a moment’s notice on his doorstep and try to get my medication right for my mind’s sake. I long for wellness and fullness of life… that “life in abundance” that Christ speaks of and by making choices like this, I am making that possible (John 10:10).


C.C Brighton