This is the very cornerstone for my wellbeing without which I would have taken my life long ago. I can only testify to what God has done for me over the past ten years. To include all of His miracles would take another book that I have yet to start. I will simply write the highlights holding out with the most extreme hope that you too will seek solace in the Lord as I have done so. Ten years ago I was coming off the mission field and something was gravely wrong within my soul. My mind was on fire and my body felt as though a maniac had moved in and taken full possession. That was the beginning of my murderous walk through the bipolar valley lows and the maniacal mountain highs. Paradise was so far off in the foreign soil of existence, it seemed unattainable to even consider. I was locked up in hospitals, I heard an inner voice every waking second telling me to take my life, and hearing noise and seeing light crucified me. The day was a vapor and the night stalked me like a killer. This went on year after year. My loving Father God was allowing that suffering to mold me into a lovelier creature. Suffering is a hug from the heavens if one allows it to be as such. I stared death in the face for years but my closeness with Christ saved me repeatedly. I felt His presence as I communed with Him in prayer and through His word. Worshipping Him was also incredibly powerful in driving out the demonic darkness. It gave me life and that life scared the dark shadows in me away. There was a tormented howling inside that nothing could subdue but the Lord. The hundreds of doctor’s appointments, hospital stays, all of the different drugs, the racing thoughts, the mania, and the depression….He took it all and carried me with bloody, pierced hands. Through my personal relationship with the Lord I was able to work full time throughout those ten years. I went on to earn a Master of Business Administration degree while being employed full time. I have a wonderful church, many fiercely loyal friends that I am transparent with, the best family ever which God has restored, and now my dreams of becoming a writer are being fulfilled. Without Christ in my life I would have died. To be honest, a death did occur and that was to the old me. The new me is alive and thriving. Now the most crippling, earth shattering pain of my life is being used to hopefully help others walk with joy, dignity and a real means to reach all of the their dreams. “With Christ all things are possible.”(Matthew 19:26) C.C. Brighton