Whether you have bipolar disorder or are supporting a loved one who does, it is important to manage your stress levels.  If you have bipolar disorder and don't manage your stress, it can lead to an episode.  If you are supporter, it can lead to burn-out.


By practicing good stress-related techniques, you can avoid bipolar episodes and supporter burn-out, and your life will be much more calm and enjoyable.


Following are some suggestions of techniques or things you can do to de-stress your life (to find more suggestions on this topic, check out my website devoted to bipolar disorder:


·         Avoid stressful situations or people

·         Try art or music therapy

·         Get a massage

·         Take dance lessons

·         Try some Tai chi or stretching exercises

·         Take a walk

·         Avoid excessive exposure to television (especially violence)

·         Read the news instead of watching it on TV

·         Listen to mellow, relaxing music

·         Read a good book

·         Take a long, luxurious bath

·         Learn another language

·         Do volunteer work

·         Watch a good movie

·         Get organized

·         Avoid procrastination

·         Practice breathing exercises

·         Do crossword puzzles

·         Go to the park

·         Go to a museum

·         Visit friends

·         Take a vacation


Three things you should definitely NOT do, however, are: drink alcohol, take drugs, or overeat.  Although you might feel as if they de-stress you at the time, they can be very harmful to you.