If you have bipolar disorder, you may be finding it difficult to make ends meet financially.  You may or may not still have your job but, even so, you may find yourself needing more money than you probably have.  Starting your own business may be your answer.


There are hundreds of ways to start your own business right from your own home!  There are several listed on my website devoted to bipolar disorder. Many people use the Internet for their business, which usually has no start-up cost (except maybe outfitting a home office), and which can generate a sizable income – or, if you are on disability, can help you get that additional money you need above your disability income.


You also don't need any experience to start a home-based business.  Simply pick an area in which you already have an interest or previous experience and go from there.  Many companies are now out-sourcing their jobs to people who work from home.


People with bipolar disorder especially find a home business an advantage for them because it reduces their stress levels.  Stress is one of the biggest triggers to a bipolar episode, and by reducing this stress, there will be fewer episodes.


Even if you do continue at a regular job and just run a home business on the side, you can still have a reduction in your stress levels, because you won't feel so dependent on that regular job for your financial security.


Flexible scheduling is what people with bipolar disorder report to be one the best reasons for starting their own business.  They find that they can get more work done without the daily disruptions they found in the regular workplace, and they can do it at their own pace, during whichever hours suit them best.


Another advantage to starting your own business is that working from home allows you to spend more time with your family.


One of the best reasons that running your own business from home can work for you is that even if you should go into an episode, your business does not have to suffer because of it.  If you are unable to run the business – perhaps because you are hospitalized – someone else (like your supporter) can run it for you, until you are able to take over again.  This way you will still have that extra income coming in without having to worry about having to take "sick days" off from work, as you would from a regular job.


The greatest advantage to starting your home-based business is that you can be your own boss.  You determine which kind of business you run, how much work you do, and when you do it.  Your business can also give you the type of financial security that depending on an outside job cannot.