There was a time when there was little information about bipolar disorder to be found.  Now it seems, at times, like there is too much information, and that this information can sometimes be distorted, so you can't tell the difference between myth and truth.


For example, some people believe that you can never get better from bipolar disorder; however, although there is still no cure from the disorder, the fact is that you can get better.  Living with bipolar disorder is difficult, no doubt, but with proper management, many people go on to live happy, productive, successful lives.


Another myth is that you can handle bipolar disorder with medication alone, and this is simply not true.  Although medication does help to balance the chemicals in the brain, other things are necessary to obtain full treatment of the disorder.  These may include any or all of the following:


·         Therapy

·         Strong Support System

·         Support Group

·         Self-Management

·         Good Sleep Patterns

·         Exercise

·         Healthy Diet

·         Stress Reduction

·         Relaxation Exercises

·         Productivity (job, volunteer work)


Some people still believe that people with bipolar disorder go back and forth between episodes all the time; however, this is just a myth.  Most people go long stretches of time without symptoms between episodes.  Other people believe that people with the disorder swing from mania to depression and back again, and this is also not true.  There are different types of bipolar disorder, and some people never even experience a manic episode.


One big myth is that bipolar disorder only affects mood, but this is definitely just a myth.  Bipolar disorder can also affect your judgment, energy, concentration, sleep, eating habits, sex drive, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, health, and other things.