Some things in life are easy, while other things -- such as having bipolar disorder – are more difficult.  Although there is still no cure for the disorder, you can learn to maintain it and achieve stability with it.  


Can bipolar stability be as simple as ABC, though?  I believe it can.


When learning how to do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), you learn that ABC is an acronym for saving a life:


A equals airway – you must first achieve an airway.


B equals breathing – you must then make sure the person can breathe.


C equals circulation – make sure the heart is beating and you have saved that person's life.


When it comes to saving a person's life, then, it is as simple as ABC.


I believe that when it comes to "saving your bipolar life" (i.e., achieving bipolar stability), it can also be as simple a formula as ABC.


The A would equal medication.


The B would equal treatment.


The C would equal self.


Let me explain.  Medication is the most important thing to bipolar stability (stability meaning the absence of symptoms, or the normal period between episodes).  Without medication, there can be no stability with bipolar disorder.


Treatment would include going to see a doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist on a regular basis.


Self would be the things you would do to maintain your own stability.  These things would include such things as:  maintaining proper sleep habits, exercising, and eating a healthy diet.


Other ways you can help yourself are to have a strong support system, keep your stress levels to a minimum, watch your episode triggers (things that cause an episode), make sure you have balance in your life, be productive (having a job or volunteering), etc.


If you do these things, your bipolar stability can truly be as simple as ABC!