One of the biggest complaints from someone who has bipolar disorder is the racing thoughts that seem to plague them – when they just can't "shut off" their brain.  There are several things that can be done to help them with this problem, however.


Usually, it is just during a manic episode when a person with the disorder really has problems with these racing thoughts.  However, I have also heard the same thing expressed to me by others who are not in an episode.


Here are some (natural) suggestions that may help you:


·         Do crossword puzzles

Doing crossword puzzles helps you to focus your thoughts

on something specific instead of letting them roam.


·         Read a book

Reading a book, especially one in which you can become

absorbed, will also focus your thoughts, and you will

become more involved in the book's plot than in your

own thoughts.


·         The chalkboard technique

Some people have used this technique with great

success.  Imagine a blackboard in your mind.  As each

thought comes to you, it is "written" on the chalkboard,

which you instantly erase.  Keep doing this with every

thought as it comes.  Eventually, you will tire yourself

out and/or the thoughts will cease.


·         Write in a journal

Writing your thoughts down in a journal can be very

effective.  You don't have to worry about anyone else

seeing your journal but you, so it doesn't matter how

messy your handwriting is (writing quickly to get your

thoughts down on paper can get pretty messy).  The

only complaint I've heard about this method is that

some people say that their thoughts are faster than their



·         Use a tape recorder

Those who complain about writing in a journal have

found great success with this technique.  Just tape

record your thoughts.  This way you can speak as fast

as your thoughts come to you.  Eventually you will

exhaust those thoughts (as well as your voice), and be

able to sleep.


These are just some suggestions.  Get creative!  I'm sure that, with some inspiration, you will be able to think of some others on your own.