Do you wonder if you really have bipolar disorder, or if maybe you only have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? What if you were simply misdiagnosed? How do you know the difference? Although ADHD is commonly misdiagnosed as bipolar mania, each has its own signs and symptoms, and it is clearly definable which illness is which. Some symptoms of bipolar mania are as follows: · Excessive happiness · Irritability, anger, and hostility · Increased energy (as if driven by a motor) · Restlessness · Decreased need for sleep · Rapid speech, talkativeness · Distractibility · Racing thoughts · Increased sex drive · Grandiose ideas · Poor judgment · Reckless behavior · Impulsivity · Increased spending · Bad business decisions · Possible substance abuse · Increased self-esteem · Delusions · Hallucinations Some symptoms of ADHD are as follows: Increased energy (as if driven by a motor) Restlessness Forgetfulness Disorganization Distractibility Mood swings Decreased sleep Easily frustrated Racing thoughts Self esteem issues Impulsivity Risk taking behavior Interrupts conversations or changes subjects quickly Talks excessively, rapidly Hyperactivity As you can see, there are many similarities between the two disorders; however, there is one main difference. After a bipolar manic episode, there is usually a "crash" into a depressive episode before returning back to a "normal" period; whereas, with ADHD, the person will stay the same.