Your doctor probably didn't discuss sex when you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but you may have questions about it now.  However, when considering the topic, think about this:  there's much more to sex than just sex.


From the earliest ages when boy-meets-girl until now, sex meant anywhere from groping a girl to having intercourse with her.  Some even called this getting to "bases," as in a baseball analogy – first base could mean the boy getting to put his arm around her, second base being able to fondle her breasts, third base being able to touch her "down there," and home base being able to have intercourse with her.


Webster's dictionary simply defines sex as "to arouse the sexual desires of."  Most people just assume that sex is defined as "intercourse," but Webster's says nothing about intercourse.  So what's the difference?  Apparently there is one, first of all. 


The difference is that sex involves MORE than simply sexual intercourse.


Animals have intercourse.  They do it to procreate – to make more animals.  People can have intercourse as well, and they can do it to procreate – to make more people.


Doesn't that sound a little too cold, however?  I know you agree with me.  We wouldn't do it if there wasn't more to sex than just sex.  Otherwise, we would be nothing more than animals.


Ok, so we agree that we're more than just animals.  But what makes our sex any different than theirs?  Here are some things:


·         Emotions

·         Fun

·         Beauty

·         Intimacy

·         Passion

·         Future

·         Relationship

·         Sharing

·         Romance

·         Dreams

·         Happiness

·         Companionship

·         Friendship

·         Closeness


Look at how much more that is than just the act of sexual intercourse!


Sometimes, however, when you throw bipolar disorder into the mix, there are problems.  You may not be able to get an erection or to sustain one or, even if you can, you may not be able to reach a climax.  This is probably due to bipolar medications.


When a couple is having problems in the area of bipolar disorder and sex, all the above listed things become much more important than just the act of sex – they become a bridge between two lovers, whether they actually have intercourse or not.