So many times we hear that there is no cure for bipolar disorder.  That is, we hear that there is no medical cure for the disorder.  As far as a miracle cure, we hear that all the time, from religious leaders to the "miracle cures" touted on the Internet, most of which are scams.  Is there a way, then, of curing yourself of bipolar disorder?


Consider it in this manner:  is there a way for a person with cancer to cure themselves of their cancer?  There is no medical cure for cancer yet, is there?  There is no "miracle cure," again, just as there is none for bipolar disorder.  Yet people with cancer are going into remission all the time.  Therefore, let's consider curing yourself of bipolar disorder as putting yourself into remission.


Putting yourself into remission with bipolar disorder would mean the alleviation of your symptoms.  It would mean a long period without bipolar episodes – in other words, it would mean stability with your disorder.  Although you cannot cure yourself of bipolar disorder in the traditional (medical) sense of the word, it is very possible for you to reach stability with your disorder, if you do certain things.


First and foremost, you must take your bipolar medications.  Without medication, there is no stability; however, if you take your medication as prescribed, on a daily basis, you will definitely experience the alleviation of your symptoms, as that is what the medication does.  Since bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance of the brain, the medication you take for your disorder "re-balances," if you will, those chemicals.  However, it is your adherence to the taking of that medication that assures your stability – but it is not the only thing.


Therapy is just as important as medication when it comes to stability of your bipolar disorder.  By itself, therapy is not enough, but combined with the taking of your bipolar medication, stability can be as close to curing yourself of bipolar disorder as you may get.  It is your responsibility, though, to make sure you go to all your appointments with your psychiatrist and/or therapist on a regular basis.


If you combine medication and therapy with some natural things you can do, your stability is practically assured.  Getting the right amount (8-9 hours per night) of uninterrupted sleep is crucial, as it can trigger a bipolar manic episode if you don't.  Exercise is a natural way to fight your chemical imbalance and help you to feel better at the same time.  Eating a healthy diet will also help you in your fight against bipolar disorder.  All these are natural ways for you to cure yourself of your bipolar disorder by helping you to become stable.


With the right combination of medication and therapy, sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet, your stability is practically assured!  In this manner, you will be curing yourself of bipolar disorder, as defined by the alleviation of your symptoms over a period of time.