I received an email from a person the other day. She asked me why so many great successful people, leaders, business people, etc. have Bipolar Disorder. I have long had a theory (but I don't have any kind of study to point to which would prove my theory). Here's what I think, though:

In order for you to start something, whatever it is: open a daycare center, write a book, build a website, go to college, discover the cure for cancer, create world peace – you have to do something really important. Know what it is?


You have to TAKE ACTION!


You know how many people have ideas to do things and don't do anything?Have you ever found yourself saying:  I thought of that!  I could have done that! Wow, that guy made 100 million dollars from that idea? I had that idea three years ago! I can't believe that so-and-so saved 30 children with that idea – I could have done that. You get the idea, right?

Well the difference between the person who is accomplishing something and those that don't – is TAKING ACTION!

The vast majority of people will never take any action to accomplish anything. Then they will blame it on everyone and everything other than themselves.

For example, just look at my courses.   Some people got them. Some people didn't. Some people had money to get them. Some people didn't. But some people who had the money, didn't get them because they just didn't get around to it. Why didn't the people who wanted to get them and had the money, not get them? Hmmm. How come some people who didn't have the money got them? Hmmm.

It's all about TAKING ACTION!

Some people without money, saved up the money, and did something to get the courses. Some people got the material but didn't go through it. They didn’t TAKE ACTION. So it doesn't help them.  As good as my material is, it will never open itself out of the box and start working without you TAKING ACTION.

I will say it again:  The key is TAKING ACTION!

You see, with my family, nobody took action with my mom. For decades! I remember when I was around 10 or so, my mom had been in bed for YEARS.  I mean, she ate food and everything and did get up, but for the vast majority of the day, she was in a dark house in bed.

NOBODY did anything. Looking back, it was insane! I was too young to do anything. I remember feeling weird when my friends would ask about my mom and I would be confused, because their moms didn't stay in bed all day. I didn't know what wasnormal and not normal.

Somehow my mom started staying in bed until eventually she had a major bipolar episode. Nobody knew what to do. No one really did anything.  When my mom was going in an episode, we just ignored it and hoped it would get better. It never did, it just got worse and worse and worse and eventually it became a disaster.Over the years, no one (primarily my dad) took any action to learn about what she had, make a plan, etc.  Then she had a major episode in 2004 and I took massive action to figure it all out.

I am just this kind of person. I might not be good at editing, spelling, grammar (which I certainly am not), but I am REALLY REALLY REALLY good at TAKING ACTION!Just look at my daily emails. I got the idea one day and then started sending them the next day. Most people wouldn't do that. They would plan, wait, plan, wait, check on stuff, run it by their mother, father, lawyer, friends, pastor, doctor, dog, cat, bird, etc. They would wait for everyone to agree and then they would find another reason why they wouldn't do it.Do you know how many people I know that are getting ready to get started, to get set, to get ready, to get started, on something?  This guy Tom I know, had an idea for a business NINE years ago and is just getting around to get ready, to get set, to get started to get ready to write his business plan.  Me on the other hand, I just do things. Just like helping my mom. I took massive action.

If you are reading this right now, I commend you. I really do. Why? You TOOK ACTION. You had to find me. Fill out a form maybe. Then maybe open an email from me, order the newsletter, and read it and get this far. I really commend you. Many people would not have gotten this far. For instance, there is a ZERO percent chance my brother would get this far to help my mom.

When it comes to my courses/systems, people have to get them, and then they have to go through them. I had a lady call me a month ago, and she just wanted to know ONE thing. That's it – one thing. I told her I didn't have the answer, and that she had to discover it for herself. I told her that it was in my course, OR she could check two different books; and also three websites, and also do some other stuff.

I actually told her NOT to get my course, because she said she didn't have the money. Then she said, "Well I will get that free stuff you recommended."  Keep in mind that this was stuff she could get for FREE, IF you know where to look for it, and IF you have the time and energy to dig for it (which is what I save you in my course).  I actually gave her an alternative to those parts of my material. Are you thinking I am crazy? I’m not – I’m just not all about money, you know.

Well, guess what? I called her today so I could include her in my email and asked if she got the stuff. She said, and I quote, "Well, not yet, I've been busy, I am going to do it next week."  I laughed, because here I had spent 22 minutes on the phone for nothing – because she didn't TAKE ACTION!   Not even for FREE stuff!  Even after complaining that she couldn’t get my course because she didn’t have the money, where I would’ve spelled everything out for her, so she would’ve been spared all that extra “busy” time!

Now, why do so many people with Bipolar Disorder become great leaders? I believe that it's because in the manic part of Bipolar Disorder, you do stuff without totally thinking it through. As a result, you get a result. If you keep doing stuff, or TAKING ACTION, generally you will accomplish things.

There's a saying by Woody Allen: "Eighty percent of success is showing up."Many people with Bipolar Disorder do more stuff, take more action, show up more and as a result, accomplish more. The more a person does, the luckier he/she will get. If you keep doing stuff, then eventually you catch a break, which makes it look like you are really smart or special, when it's actually all about probability.

Here’s how probability works:  TAKE ACTION towards your goal to increase the chance to accomplish it. Sounds simple, but virtually no one does it. People with Bipolar Disorder do, and that's why lots of them are successful.


Here’s one last point.  Some people may TAKE ACTION, but their actions are not consistent! So often times, they start an idea or a project with nothing but accelerated action and sometimes it is completed...but more times than not, they don't see their idea or their project to fruition.  Don’t you be someone who falls into that category – TAKE ACTION, and COMPLETE YOUR TASK!