After last week's Featured Article about getting the special tax return especially for people on Social Security Disability (SSDI), Dave got a response on his blog directed toward me.


I think it's real important that you be informed about this information as well.


Here it is:


Hi, Michelle!Congratulations on the fabulous work that you've just simplified to help many people within the U.S.A.Although it originally started in Arizona in 2003, there's a WONDERFUL cost-free website that EVERYBODY WORLDWIDE can join, in order to reduce the amount of perfectly good items going in to land-fill sites, which will also save people money.It's called 'FREECYCLE' ( and once one's enlisted on to 'Yahoo Groups' for free and registered with their local Group(s), they begin out of courtesy to 'Offer' something, even if it's an old pair of boots, then can e-mail other 'Freecycler's' for items 'Offered' and arrange to collect them for free. Also, if one's in need of something, one can post 'Wanted' e-mails and it's surprising how generous people can be - EVERYTHING IS FREE! TV's; Sofa's; Furniture; Computers; Childrens' Clothes and Toys, Fridge/Freezers and EVEN Cars are offered on it! (If there isn't a Group close to where you live, there's even information on how you can set up your own one.) By joining, you'll be able to acquire something tangible and use the money saved towards buying medications, etc. You're also in danger of making new friends, like I have!I hope that this proves useful.Take care all,Sue and all the animals. x




Because we have bipolar disorder and have to live on limited incomes, and because it is so costly to live on SSDI as well as to manage a disorder like bipolar disorder, information like the tax return benefits in last week's Featured Article and like today's Featured Article are so valuable!


We have to keep each other abreast of things like this, because the government is not always so forthcoming with the information to help us learn to live within our budgets.  I only found out the information on the tax rebate because my therapist called to tell me about it!  The rest of the research I had to do on my own.  And the information in today's Featured Article I never would have known had the person not posted it on Dave's blog.