Many people get frustrated with bipolar disorder.  Especially supporters.


Their loved one says something strange.  Their loved one isn't acting like they normally do.  Something happens.  Their loved one is in another episode.


They can't get in touch with the doctor right away.  They don't know what to do.


Many supporters don't just get frustrated.  They give up.  They give in.  They basically feel like it's all over…like they've lost the war.


Well, if you're really feeling like this, I want to encourage you.  I know, you're probably thinking I'm crazy, right?  Where can I find anything in all this to be encouraged about?


I'll tell you.


It's this:  You may feel as if you've lost the battle, but you have NOT lost the war!


With bipolar disorder, it's like you're in a "forever" kind of war.  And sometimes you may feel as if you're fighting battles right and left, all around you.  But the fight against bipolar disorder is still a war that you can WIN!  It's a war you MUST win!




Now that's a wartime word.  In any war, the "good guys" have to have strategies.  It's how they fight their battles.  It's how they win the war.


Well, as a supporter to a loved one with bipolar disorder, you have to have strategies, too.


Strategies like standing beside your loved one even when they're in an episode.


Strategies like supporting your loved one through good times AND the bad times.


Strategies like making sure your loved one takes their medication.


Strategies like helping your loved one to manage their disorder.


Strategies like being the best supporter you can possibly be.


Remember, you're in a war, too – you have an enemy, too.  And that enemy is called bipolar disorder.


But that enemy CAN be defeated!


Yes, you'll lose some battles along the way.




If you DON'T GIVE UP…  If you DON'T GIVE IN…  You WILL win the war in the end!