Many people who have a loved one with bipolar disorder are afraid to take them on vacation.  They may be scared that their loved one will go into a bipolar episode, and they won't be able to handle it away from home.


It is all right to take your loved one on vacation, but you should take some preventative measures before doing so.


For example:


1.      Tell their doctor, psychiatrist, and/or therapist what you are planning, and get their permission.

2.      Make sure that your loved one is stable with their bipolar disorder.

3.      Check your loved one's medications, and make sure that they have enough to cover the whole trip.  If need be, get refills before leaving.

4.      Make sure that you take ALL your loved one's medications with you, preferably NOT in a suitcase, as it can be lost – but, rather, either on their person or in a carry-on bag.

5.      Check to make sure that your loved one has no appointments that they would miss by going on vacation at that particular time.  If they do, reschedule them before you leave.

6.      Keep a watch on your loved one, as excitement can be a trigger to a bipolar manic episode.

7.      Try to involve your loved one in preparations for the vacation, but be careful not to overwhelm them.

8.      Be prepared with a "Plan B" in case your loved one does get sick.

9.      Have your loved one carry a list of all their medications (along with dosages and when they take them) on them, in case something happens.  Also, make sure the list is up-to-date.

10.  Bring a list of emergency phone numbers for your loved one (i.e., their doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist), should you need to call them.


These are just some examples of things to do to – there are others that you might be able to think of.  If you do these things, you and your loved one should be able to enjoy your vacation.