You may be concerned that your loved one seems to be taking a long time to get better with their bipolar disorder.  You may even be wondering how you can help them get better faster.


Everybody is different, including people with bipolar disorder.  Not everyone with the disorder will recover at the same rate of speed – there are just too many variables, such as adaptation to medication, etc.


Although you may want your loved one to get better faster, the responsibility for their recovery ultimately depends on them.


Here are some suggestions for them:


1.      Take your medication religiously

2.      Keep a strict sleep schedule (8-9 hours per night)

3.      Eat a healthy diet

4.      Exercise

5.      Stick to a routine

6.      Be productive

7.      Learn as much about bipolar disorder as you can

8.      Go to a support group

9.      Have a strong support system

10.  Go to all doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist appointments


What you can do as a supporter is to be there for your loved one, as well as encouraging them to do the above things, and any other things you can think of that can contribute to their stability with bipolar disorder.