Many people look at my mom’s story and ask, 'What’ the secret? How did she do it?' After thinking about this question for many months, I have identified the key to her success with Bipolar Disorder. It was the fact that she accepted she had Bipolar Disorder and she took the diagnosis very seriously.

If you look at most people who UNSUCCESSUFLLY manage their Bipolar Disorder, you find they do not accept that they have this disorder. You also find they do not take their Bipolar Disorder seriously at all. These individuals continually pretend they do not have Bipolar Disorder. They almost never learn anything about Bipolar Disorder and how it is successfully treated.

This is a huge mistake! From the tens of thousands of people on my mailing list all over the world, from speaking with the individuals that work for me who have Bipolar Disorder, and from talking to many people that I meet at all the places where I do volunteer work for those that are supporting people with a mental illness, I have come to the conclusion that you absolutely must come to terms with Bipolar Disorder. You must realize that you do, in fact, have the disorder and that it is not going to simply go away. This is the only way you are going to be able to successfully manage this disorder and your life. At this juncture, there is no cure for Bipolar Disorder but there are plenty of treatments that work -- and work well when taken properly under the direction of a qualified doctor or therapist.

You can lead a completely productive life if you want to. In many cases, the choice is yours if you have Bipolar Disorder. You can choose to accept the fact you have Bipolar Disorder. You can choose to learn more about it. You can choose to follow a treatment plan prescribed by your doctor and/or therapist.

Unfortunately, if you choose not to follow this path, you will probably end up as one of the sad stories of people who wind up doing something really bad to someone or something or wind up killing themselves.