One of the strangest things I hear from people is from those that want to believe there is a conspiracy against people who have Bipolar Disorder. They truly believe that doctors that treat Bipolar Disorder never want them to get better. These doctors who treat Bipolar Disorder, simply want you to stay hooked on medication for the rest of your life so they can make a whole lot of money off of you. I am not saying this is the truth about I am just indicating what I hear from certain people.

I can tell you for an absolute fact: this is completely false. Now there might be some doctors that don’t really care if their patients with Bipolar Disorder get any better but the reality is that the vast majority of doctors who treat Bipolar Disorder who I have met really want their patients to get better and get better as fast as possible.

Doctors don’t make money from drug companies and they can’t legally get kick-backs from getting a certain number of people to use certain drugs. Now I know what some people might be thinking: 'Don’t some doctors get stuff from the pharmaceutical reps?' Well, yes, some do. But the bottom line every doctor that I have spoken to about this subject sincerely wants his/her patients to get better. These same doctors do want patients to stay on their medication so they don’t wind up killing themselves or causing harm to themselves or another person.

You can visit and conduct a search to find out how many stories there are of people who stopped taking their medication and killed themselves or killed someone else. Doctors who treat Bipolar Disorder report to me that this is the reason they want patients to stay on their medication. It’s not so they can make a fortune off of a patient.