Negative people can be a negative influence on anyone and for those who are dealing with Bipolar Disorder, whether they are a bipolar supporter or a Bipolar Survivor, this can be even more of a negative impact. Most people, especially those dealing with Bipolar Disorder, already have far too many negative people in their lives. Their lives can be positively changed in a great way by simply eliminating those people!

I find that negativity is very much like a weed. You get one single weed in your garden or your life and, before you know it, you have two, then three, then a whole bunch of them. Negative people breed negative thoughts that result in your thinking negatively and it makes coping and dealing with Bipolar Disorder so much more difficult.

My mom made a decision to eliminate a number of negative people in her life and she is much happier. Simply weeding the garden of her life made a drastic difference in her quality of life and her ability to effectively manage her Bipolar Disorder.

Tips for Identifying Negative People:

If You Are A Supporter Of Someone With Bipolar Disorder:

• Consistently brings bad news; never has good news to share. • Tells you that you should stop supporting your loved one. • Tells you your loved one will never get better or that they are hopeless. • Tells you that you should stop making sure your loved one attended doctors and therapists appointments or support group meetings. • Points out how many things can and will go wrong for you. • Tells you that there is no information that can help you. • Complains continually.

If You Have Bipolar Disorder:

• Tells you that you can’t and won't ever get any better or that you are hopeless. • Make you feel that you are disabled or damaged in some way or that you can't contribute to society in any positive ways. • Always tells you bad news; never shares anything positive. • Constantly makes you doubt yourself. • Tells you to stop taking medications or seeing doctors or therapists. • Points out everything you can or have done wrong.

If you have people like this in your life, you should simply stay away from them. If you do, you will be making a positive change in your life. If you hang around negative people all the time, you are bound to accomplish NOTHING positive.