1. Are you sure I have Bipolar Disorder? 2. How do you know I have Bipolar Disorder? 3. How did I get Bipolar Disorder? 4. Do I have to take any other tests for Bipolar Disorder? 5. What types of symptoms should I be looking for? 6. Can my children get Bipolar Disorder from me? 7. What medications do I need to take? 8. What side effects should I expect from the medications? 9. What schedule do I need to be on to take my medications? 10. Is there anything I should avoid while taking my medications? 11. How do I get help paying for my medications? 12. Is there anything special I need to do because of having Bipolar Disorder? 13. Are there any other treatments for Bipolar Disorder? 14. How do I tell people I have Bipolar Disorder? 15. What can other people (my family) do to help me? 16. What help is out there for me (support groups, etc.)? 17. Do I have to go on Disability? If so, how? 18. How often do I need to schedule office visits with you? 19. Would you suggest I see anyone else (other health care professional) for treatment? 20. What would be the most important things I could do to stay physically and mentally balanced? 21. Is there a cure? 22. Are there any special foods I should or should not eat? 23. What are the things I need to do to stay stable?