Researchers in the Netherlands studied people who felt ill on their weekends and vacations.

Study participants had headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, or nausea when they had time off work. Many had suffered these symptoms for 10 years or more, often starting with a stressful event, such as a divorce or death.

The American Psychosomatic Society determined that people who are perfectionists, carry large workloads, and feel very responsible for their work are more apt to suffer these symptoms. Quoted in Psychology Today, they call the condition 'leisure sickness.'

Dutch researcher Ad Vingerhoets, Ph.D., says that while the study wasn't intended to help people overcome the weekend malady, he can suggest ways to prevent it.

He recommends physical exercise on Friday evening to ease the psychological transition from activity to rest. The doctor advises people who can't let go of their work to view their lives from a different perspective and attach more importance to other things, such as family.