Depressed moms

When mothers are depressed, their kids have a harder time making friends? Yes, say doctors at Pennsylvania State University. Depressed mothers are less open with their children, limiting the kids' ability to connect with others. When mothers get treatment for depression, their children improve too.

Kids of divorce can do well

A 20-year research program by Iowa State University shows that children whose parents are warm and supportive do well in personal and romantic relationships as young adults. Whether or not parents divorced was not the key factor in their ability to have successful relationships. Warmth and support by one or both parents was more important.

Apartment living and college

Living off of the college campus can be a good choice for some students, especially beyond sophomore year. Often a two-bedroom apartment for two people can be less expensive than living in the dorm. Further, the two have more room, a quiet atmosphere, and the freedom to cook meals that appeal to them.

Decorators say the apartment should have a coat rack, halogen lamps for good lighting, and plenty of mirrors, and an area rug that won't show stains.

Improving your marriage

One marriage counselor recommends the AAA approach to improving your marriage: Apologize, Appreciate, Anticipate.

Apologizing for something in the past helps clean things up. Apologizing for things as they occur helps to keep the slate clean, says Dr. Jeff Herring.

Show appreciation, even for things that you take for granted. Make a list of all the things you appreciate about your partner. Then share the list.

Anticipate something in the future so you have something to look forward to. On the calendar, map out a few fun events for the near future.