Face it. There are times when your work almost makes you dizzy with stress. When it happens, try these ways to get calm and refocused.

* Stop and do nothing for five or ten minutes. Sit quietly and listen to the sounds. This slows heart rate and reduces blood pressure, two of the effects of stress. At the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine they say: Remember that the only thing you can control is the present moment.

* Get background music. In an Australian study, two groups were working on a presentation. Those who worked in silence had increases in blood pressure and heart rates. Those who worked to a calm musical background had steady readings and reported feeling much less stress.

* Take a happy-thought break. Think about a vacation or someone you care about for a few seconds, or up to five minutes. Repeating a positive mantra is helpful as well.

* Laugh at something. Laughter is not only one of the most effective stress busters, it also helps your immune system. Even anticipating something humorous will lower your stress level.

* Take a walk. Taking a five- or ten-minute walk has a very calming effect, much better than a cup of coffee and a roll, say psychologists at Stanford University School of Medicine.

* Practice belly breaths. For several minutes, practice slow, deep belly breaths. They make you stretch your shoulders and loosen the right muscles. Take three or four belly breaths every hour when doing stressful work.