Want to get stronger and burn more calories? A half-hour walk each day is a good start, but adding special drills will make you stronger and help you to burn more calories.

The Running Center in New York City suggests these drills be used two days a week. First warm up by walking briskly for 10 minutes. Then stretch your calves and hamstrings. Continue with 30 minutes of brisk walking broken into 10-minute segments. Between each segment try one of the two-minute drills they describe in Prevention, then cool down by walking for five minutes.

Drill 1: March for 30 seconds. Walk lifting your knees high, thighs parallel to the ground. Use a bent-arm swing. Then walk normally for one minute and march again for 30 seconds.

Drill 2: Do butt kicks for 30 seconds: Step forward and kick the opposite foot toward your butt. Use a bent-arm swing. Walk normally for one minute, then butt kick for another 30 seconds.

Drill 3: Skip for 30 seconds. Skip high and let your arms swing. Walk normally for one minute, then skip again for 30 seconds.