Omega 3 and Bipolar Disorder research has revealed that concentrated omega 3 fatty acids in high doses show effective antidepressant effects and mood stabilization for many people with Bipolar Disorder.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential components of brain cell membranes, including those of neurotransmitter receptors. Bipolar Disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain involving neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals in the brain concerned with the functioning of nerve cells; specifically, the ones that affect mood changes, which are the major characteristic of Bipolar Disorder.

Omega 3 fatty acids also alter signal transduction and electrical activity in brain cells and control the synthesis of chemicals associated with neurotransmitters and brain action; therefore, Omega 3 fatty acids have a direct impact upon changes in mood.

Omega 3, in research study groups, was found to have mood stabilization properties, and showed significantly longer periods of remission in the subjects studied.

Omega 3 fatty acids come from fish oil, and are available in the form of pills; however, it's a large number of pills. Please be cautioned, however, as in any form of nutritional supplementation, to check with your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement in addition to your prescribed medication. Also, that any herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc., such as Omega 3 fatty acids, should be taken in addition to, and never instead of your regular prescribed medication for Bipolar Disorder.

Omega 3 and Bipolar Disorder conventional medications appear to be well-tolerated together, with few risks. These risks are:

  • Increased risk of easy bleeding if taking other medications are known to do likewise.
  • Omega 3 (fish oils) should not be used by people allergic to iodine.
  • Do not use if you are on blood thinners.
  • Not to be used by those who are anticipating surgery.
  • Increased risk for pregnant women and people with diabetes.
  • Those using high-dose aspirin or ibuprofen should consult with their doctors before using fish oils of any kind.

Omega 3 side effects are basically non-existent. The only one is 'fish burps,' which is easily managed, however, by taking the pills with meals. If that doesn’t stop the problem, putting the pills in the refrigerator or freezer should help.