Do you know what the biggest problem with bipolar disorder is? It's that no one is talking about the problem. Everyone, even the people who have it, want to hide the disorder and pretend it doesn't exist.

But that's the worst thing in the world to do because it makes people who have the disorder feel as if they should be ashamed of having an illness that they didn't ask for and couldn't control getting. Plus, the people supporting those individuals have a harder time connecting with other people because they worry what their friends, significant others, even children would say if they knew this other person had bipolar disorder.

By not talking about it, we're also doing a disservice to millions of people who need to know about the disorder in order to help someone they love or to get the courage to find the help they need. Not to mention that keeping the disorder out of the limelight means it's likely to be the subject of major medical research or break-through treatment options.

So how can we fix this problem? I'm going to tell you.

Right now, there are about 5 million of us - that includes people with the disorder and those of us who are supporters of them. If each one of us went out and educated 10 people in one year about bipolar disorder, then we'd be able to reach 50 million people. That would be 50 million people who would know and understand what bipolar is, how it works, how to identify it, and how to treat it effectively. Those 50 million people would also learn that people with bipolar disorder aren't 'crazy,' and the disorder itself is nothing to be afraid of.

You might be thinking that there's no way we could ever reach that many people, but you're wrong. When I started helping people through my web site, emails, and courses I had no idea that I would end up literally educating thousands of people, but I have. And if I can reach thousands, then you should be able to educate at least 10.

There are so many ways you can reach those 10 people, too. You could start a bipolar disorder group in your area. You could go to schools and talk to the students about the disorder. You could talk to the people at your church, your job, or your college. You could even start with your own friends and family members.

To be honest, this is the best time to get started because many stars and celebrities are already coming out and talking about their own battles with bipolar disorder. They're doing interviews, writing books, and letting the world know that people with this illness can go on to lead successful lives.

Awareness is building and bipolar disorder is being more accepted., but we can't leave all the work up to the celebrities. We can start spreading awareness and acceptance faster by working towards that 50 million goal. All you need to do is educate 10 people in one year and you'll have made a tremendous contribution to changing the way the world views bipolar disorder.