One of the principles I strongly believe in is 'modeling' as a way to achieve success in supporting a loved one who has Bipolar Disorder or in learning to effectively manage your own disorder more quickly.

Unfortunately, when I started helping my mom, there was simply NO ONE to model; no one to learn from at all. I basically had to pull together a bunch of different concepts, people and ideas into our household and experiment to see what worked and what didn't work.

It was really difficult. But now, you -- unlike me -- have the ability to model not only me if you are a supporter but you can model people who have Bipolar Disorder that are highly functional and successful.

NOBODY has to sit and play guessing games about solving many of the most difficult bipolar challenges. This was the main reason I put together all my material - so that others could avoid having to struggle to learn what it takes to help themselves or a loved one.