Within the global illness that depression, there are several specific diagnosis with their own treatment plan. In each case, a medical professional, such as a physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist determines the diagnosis and recommends an appropriate treatment plan.

While all forms of depression are serious, perhaps the most severe form is "Major" depression. This type of depression is frequently easy to diagnose because there are several symptoms typically present that lead to the diagnosis. Major depression can be triggered by traumatic events or an event in the individual's personal life. Major depression can also result from a series of personal disappointments the effect on individual's life. While major depression is common for many people, it's usually a one-time event that is treatable; with treatment, the individual may never experience depression again in their lifetime.

Another type of depression is called dysthymic disorder. This type of depression is less severe than major depression and the symptoms are different in that they are often less noticeable. People who suffer from dysthymic depression will usually feel depressed every day over a long period of time. They will experience low energy, a diminishing self esteem, changes in appetite, and a general feeling of sadness. People with this type of depression will often respond well to mediation and some type of counseling. This type of depression will often reoccur and therefore anyone suffering from dysthymic depression will need to be constantly aware of the symptoms that they personally experience.

Some depressions are hard to categorize. Medical doctors only should diagnose and suggest treatment for any depression. "Reactive depression", or adjustment disorder, can be difficult to diagnose. The patient is usually having problems adjusting to life changes and is having severe side effects due to some type of stress. Doctors are often hesitant to prescribe medication for this depression, preferring to recommend counseling or other talk therapy.

The single most important thing to remember if you or a loved one is experiencing depression is to seek the advice of a trained professional experienced with treating depression. Some times the person only exhibits some of the minor symptoms of depression. As a result, they tend to minimize their symptoms, assuming this is just a minor disturbance. Even those suffering from minor depression can find relief with medications or therapies. There is no reason to let these depressions reach a crisis state. Anyone who suffers from depression should seek help, no matter how minor the depression, there is always help available, no one needs suffer alone.