Too many times the parents of a child with Bipolar Disorder go to the other extreme with their child, and treat them with 'kid gloves.' One example of this is taking the fun out of their child’s life; for fear that the child may go overboard and go into a manic episode.

This fear is understandable, as it has actually happened to some parents of children who have Bipolar Disorder – where 'fun' has turned into a bipolar manic episode. However, if you let that fear overwhelm you to the point that you take all the fun out of your child’s life, you may end up dealing with the opposite extreme instead! And your child may end up going into a bipolar depressive episode, because there is NO fun in their life at all!

What is the solution? Compromise. Don’t take away all your child’s fun. Let them be a child. But if you are concerned, monitor their play. Just kind of keep a watch on things, keeping the bipolar manic symptoms in mind, while still letting them have their fun at the same time.

Let your child be a child! Remember, it isn’t their fault that they have Bipolar Disorder. And if they’re taking their medication and seeing their psychiatrist/therapist like they’re supposed to, then they should be living a stable life. So stop over-worrying! Stop treating them with 'kid gloves'! And, by all means, let them have some fun!