After being in this field for, let's say about two years (six months helping my mom solely and one and one-half years helping people worldwide), I can tell you what the missing link is between those that can and do cope and deal with Bipolar Disorder and those that never ever do. The missing link is the same whether you are a supporter of an adult, child or if you have Bipolar Disorder yourself.

I want you to ask yourself this question. What is the key to truly dealing with Bipolar Disorder, no matter what your involvement with the illness is?

Take a few minutes and think. It's a good exercise. Think about it before you continue reading this article.

The missing link with everyone is information. You see, with Bipolar Disorder as with almost anything I can think of in life, the missing link for success is indeed information.

  • How do doctors diagnose properly...Information
  • How do you protect your finances....Information
  • How do you find a great doctor/therapist...Information
  • How do you get affordable, high-quality health care...Information
  • How do you know which medication to be on...Information
  • How do you help a child get through school...Information

No matter what the topic, the answer is accurate information.

What do most people do? Well, they don't get the information. They don't research. They don't make any kind of investment. As a result they fail. And normally they blame it on everyone under the sun EXCEPT themselves. Yet, all they had to do was a little work and get that all important information!

I am amazed at the number of people that are, I guess, simply too lazy to read my site at where there are TONS of useful informational resources for free. People call me and ask me if I can help. I ask, 'Did you get my course?' They say no. I ask, 'Did you read my site' Again, they say no. I ask, 'What have you done?' Basically they tell me that they have done nothing. They have done nothing at all to help themselves by gathering any little bits of information.

As a result, they will probably not do well with Bipolar Disorder—whether they are a supporter of an adult, child or have the disorder themselves. In order to manage Bipolar Disorder or help someone you love manage this disorder, you must have the information about the disorder, medications and techniques to help.