Famous bipolar people have always intrigued those of us who have Bipolar Disorder. It’s interesting to find out which celebrities have the disorder, and maybe even to compare ourselves to them.

Lists of famous people that I found who have had or have Bipolar Disorder were many and long. Looking at these lists, I have anecdotally found evidence to suggest that famous people with bipolar are some of the most creative, intelligent, outspoken, and outgoing people known.

Famous people aren’t the only people with those characteristics, however. Some of us, diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, are just as creative, intelligent, etc., as those on the lists; we just don’t share their celebrity. Those characteristics are some that lead to success in any field, whether the person is famous or not.

The famous painting, 'The Starry Night,' was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1889, who was considered to have had Bipolar Disorder. Many artists, musicians, and writers have experienced the mood swings of bipolar, and some even credit the disorder for their creativity.

Of those famous people with Bipolar Disorder who are no longer alive are: Ludwig van Beethoven, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Charles Dickens, G.F. Handel, Peter Tchaikovsky, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, T.S. Eliot, Victor Hugo, Michelangelo, and Edgar Allan Poe. There are many more, of course; I have just listed some of the more famous ones. The saddest thing about these famous people, though, was the discovery that many of those who had Bipolar Disorder took their own lives.

Of the famous bipolar people I just listed, for example, Ernest Hemingway committed suicide late in his life. This just goes to show that the fact that someone who has Bipolar Disorder and is famous or successful does not prevent them from killing themselves. People who have bipolar, famous or not, struggle with many of the same problems in dealing with the disorder, and sometimes a bipolar depressive episode can be so extreme as to lead to thoughts of suicide.

Bipolar famous people who are still living are celebrities such as Rosemary Clooney, Dick Cavett, Kitty Dukakis, Peter Gabriel, Charlie Pride, Patty Duke, and Ted Turner. The reason I point these people out is that they have stated publicly that they have Bipolar Disorder.

Celebrities such as Jane Pauley and Carrie Fisher have even been interviewed in magazines and featured on the cover of those magazines, discussing very publicly their experiences with Bipolar Disorder. It is their hope that others can learn from their experiences.

Famous bipolar people may not be in the same social circle as we are, so we may not be able to relate to their celebrity in some ways, but we do share the common bond of having Bipolar Disorder. We cannot relate to having unlimited financial resources, while we may lose our jobs and have to fight to get disability. But we do share the same struggle as far as symptoms and problems that are characteristic of the disorder itself—in that way, we are all the same, famous or not.