I wonder if Britney Spears were not as famous (infamous) as she is, would people be as interested in her activities? If she were not a celebrity, would people be so quick to judge whether she is insane or not?

Admittedly, there was an incident recently over custody of her children, whereby she is being criticized and judged, her sanity is being questioned, and her motherhood is definitely being placed under a microscope.

According to the January 5th Chicago Sun-Times, there was a confrontation between Britney and her ex-husband over custody of their children. The confrontation 'quickly turned into a police and emergency medical team action,' which led to Britney's transportation to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was to remain in 'medical hold' and under observation for a minimum of 72 hours, according to LAPD spokesman Jason Lee.

E! News has confirmed that Britney was more accurately being held on a '5150,' which indicates authorities believe there's evidence that she is a danger to herself as well as others.

According to a source inside Britney's home that day (who requested not to be identified), Britney ''had been drinking, which wasn't a good idea since she was on [prescription] medications....It’s not just the drugs and booze, though....I really believe she is having a total mental and emotional breakdown.''

The Chicago Sun-Times states the following: 'Given Spears' behavior over the past year, that analysis seems correct. There were the failed attempts at rehab, the now-infamous shaved-head incident, her love-hate relationship with the paparazzi, her embarrassing performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in September 2007 and her meltdown afterward, and her attempts to have her children's teeth whitened--all indications of unstable behavior.'

'All indications of unstable behavior'? That's what I’m talking about. How can they judge? Are they psychiatrists? Maybe they could say 'seem' to be indications...and yes, they do, in fact, 'seem' to be indications of instability, perhaps symptoms of bipolar disorder. Still, it is not our place to determine that--it is for a doctor or a psychiatrist to diagnose.

Outsiders need to stop making these flash judgments without all the facts. Britney Spears is under public scrutiny just because she is a celebrity. Because of that, people get pieces of information and are quick to call her 'unstable' or 'crazy.' How would you feel if that were you?

I think people should stop calling her crazy and step in and help. Perhaps her hospital stay will be the beginning, but she will still need a good support system to help her now that she’s out.

Some people suggest that Britney Spears has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects the way a person thinks. People with this disorder can go into periods of not being in their right mind. As a result, they can make poor decisions. Those 'indications of unstable behavior' referred to earlier could be symptoms of bipolar disorder--and they could also simply be the results of poor decisions on Britney's part.

When my mom was in a major bipolar episode, I had to step in and get her help. I didn't sit back and call her crazy. Today she thanks me for stepping in and stopping her from making more bad decisions when she was not thinking accurately. Wouldn't that be more beneficial for Britney Spears than a public that turns against her and judges her, calling her 'crazy' when it doesn’t know all the facts?